MegaCanal's aim is to serve the retailers to have better experience in contact with their consumers with the concept of Direct to Consumer. From its started until now, MegaCanal's belief that "online and offline must bound together" is never changed. To support the vision and the mission, MegaCanal develop a Retail as a Service (RaaS) named Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS)

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2 June 2020


At the moment, at D2C Experience Center, all display products are completed with QR Code which consumers can see the information then order the product. ECCS is tracking consumers' interest through it.

The plan is providing tablets for each product with better tracking ability, where every detail of consomers' movement in the shop can be known and analyzed. Other than that, consomers can directly put anything they like into the cart, whether the products available in shop or will be sent from the warehouse.


With our platform, Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS), brands are able to centrally manage their products across all sales channels on one management screen. The sales channels can be online or offline.

Purchase Order Chart

On the dashboard, Purchase Order Chart can be seen. It is showing sales report on each channel. Other than marketplace's name, we can also find "Website" which showing sales report throught Brand Official Online Store, and "Local" which showing sales report through the D2C Experience Center.

Understanding the Purchase Behavior

ECCS also showing report of Product Purchase Trend so the brand can predict which product need to be added in stock and which need to be reduced. ANd from ECCS the brand can alse learn about the best sales channel and the localtion of its costomers.

Official Website
Integrated With D2C
Integrated With Marketplace
Retention period of sales & customers data 30 days 60 days 90 days Unlimited
Data subject to data analysist 30 days 60 days 90 days Unlimited
Number of administrator(s) 1 people 3 people 5 people Unlimited
DM function with customers
Setting the minimum contract period
Commision 30% per transaction n/a n/a CALL
Monthly Price IDR 500,000 IDR 1.500,000